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Varapunya News

On 13 July 2023

You, Me and a Cup of Tea events have been organised to welcome Refugee and Asylum Seekers across the north-east by Aberdeen Interfaith, with the latest event at the Varapunya Meditation Centre on 13th July 2023. People from Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran and Iraq attended the day. Members of the centre were there for hospitality. 

Ajahn Sujan, the residence monk and a members of Aberdeen Interfaith welcomed everyone and led short meditation. Aditya a little boy from Aberdeen told a story of the Buddha. 

Patricia, the chairperson of Aberdeen Interfaith and driving person for the 'You, Me and a cup of tea' express her appreciation and warm welcome to the centre. 

In collaboration with Aberdeen Interfaith the centre is planning to organise regular events for people who have been through difficult time in their lives to make that journey to Scotland. If you would like to be part of the plan please contact the centre at

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