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Mindfulness Monday Session
In person and on Zoom


Since January 2017 In collaboration with NHS Grampian and the Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership the Centre offers free 'Mindfulness Monday Sessions'

In person: on the Last Monday of the month at Aberdeen Health Village 

No need to be a Buddhist nor to 'convert' to practice it. Just be ready to learn new knowledge and skills, whatever your faith or beliefs. It is a skills to find ways to live mindfully. 

Previous online sessions are available on Youtube. Click here. MINDFULNESS MONDAYS

The focus will be to support those who may be interested in discovering how meditation practices can help to cope with the impact  and aftermath of COVID and other life challenges, on themselves, their families & friends/colleagues, such as isolation, worry, anxiety, stress, fear and so on. Calmness & peacefulness can be within the grasp of all of us with a little effort.

These events are open to all

  • NHS staff, patients & general public

  • No matter what background, faith or belief system.

Mindfulness Mondays Program 2024: 

AT Carespoint

29th January,

27th May,

24th June,

30th September,

28th October and

25th November.

At Learning Room 4

26th February,

25th March,

29th April,

29th July,

26th August


​You can also follow Ajahn Sujan on YouTube or Facebook:

  • YouTube: Varapunya Buddhist Meditation Centre

  • Facebook: Varapunya Meditation Centre

If you need further information email:

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