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About Us

The Varapunya Meditation Centre is a Buddhist monastery and a centre for the study and practice of Meditation in Aberdeen and for the teaching and practice Buddhist approach of how to live our lives in peace.

You don't have to be a Buddhist nor have to convert to come and learn the meditation as well as Buddhist studies. It is a centre where you can learn to become aware of your own true self, understand life as it really is and to become your own 'wellbeing' therapist. 

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation is a skill that is reasonably easy to learn and practice, and without cost (other than your own time), which will then always be with you. As long as you practice regularly, it is suitable and effective for helping you cope with many physical and mental health issues. It is a very special skill that allows you to use your limited time effectively for the benefit of yourself and others, helping you find the right balance in your daily life.

Mindfulness Meditation is the process of learning how to deal with the many different, challenging situations in our daily life in a calm, thoughtful and peaceful way - mindfully! It is a life skill that leads to tranquility, insight and realization of one's own, true self. It helps us to develop a more ethical way of living, controlling how our mind influences our speech and actions, full of love and with a compassionate heart for both ourselves and others. By developing ‘bare attention' to external, material things, feelings, emotions etc we can remain in the present moment with non judgement and free of the 'good/bad' and 'right/wrong' opinion that causes us inner conflict. It enables clarity of thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and life as one finds it, and is the natural way of being present and aware of ourselves and of others undistracted.


It has been shown that Mindfulness Meditation helps reduce anxiety, stress, worry etc, bringing greater calmness to daily life, developing stronger mental capacity, improving concentration, diminishing low moods, and enhancing overall well-being.

What do we teach? 

The Centre provides regular sessions and classes on meditation as well as facilities and support for people sincerely interested in meditation and Buddhist studies, with access to the scriptures and philosophical Buddhist study and practice, in particular to meditation and its practical application in daily life. Ultimately, its purpose is to help to spread the Buddha’s original teachings in Scotland for the good and benefit of many.

Who are teachers ?

Teaching and practice instruction is mostly given by an Theravada Buddhist monk, occasionally supported by other resident and/or visiting monks and lay practitioners who have themselves been instructed in the authentic teaching and practice. Currently, Ajahn Sujan is the resident teacher, and David Briggs is assisting his teaching in different places. There are other monks visit and teach on certain occasions. 

What are the objectives of the centre? 

‘Helping hands healing hearts’ is the Centre’s primary objective. The Centre is here to help you to heal yourself and guide you to be your own therapist. So activities are organized in a friendly and warm welcoming environment for this purpose.

When did the centre established? 
The Varapunya Meditation Centre was established in 2012 under the spiritual guidance of the resident Abbot, Ven. Ajahn Sujan along with pious devotees as a centre for learning and sharing personal experiences of practicing meditation, for a better understanding of its application to daily life and enhancement of the spiritual journey. It is a registered charity under the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) since May 2013 as Varapunya Buddhist Society and also known as Varapunya Meditation Centre. The Centre’s charity Number is SC043989.

How does the centre runs?

The Centre is supported entirely by voluntary donations and if you are in a position to offer anything it is most graciously accepted to support its ongoing activities. Every donation is highly valued.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Vara means greatness and

Punya means meritorious acts.

Varapunya means a perfect place to cultivate merit that bring happiness here and here-after.

Centre’s Logo defines the motto, ‘Helping hands Healing Hearts’​

  • Meditation postured hands : Helping hands

  • Lotus flower : Opening heart

  • Wheel of Dhamma in the middle of Lotus : Peaceful mind

  • Radiant ray of love, compassion and friendship : Enlightening nature


  • Healing through chanting

  • Buddhist studies classes and publications

  • Meditation retreats (2/3/5/7 and 10 days)

  • Helping hands healing hearts:

    • Providing spiritual care for people in need

    • Visiting hospitals / care homes / homes

    • Providing any possible support for people in need



Open Hours

7.00 am   Morning Chanting & Meditation (Open to all)
11.00 am  Traditional Offering Alms food
12.00 am  Lunch together
14.00 Break/ Monk Relaxation Period

18.00 pm  Open to all
19.00 pm  Evening Chanting and Meditation (Open to all)
21.30 pm Close
*It does not apply to Weekends. It may change according to situation.

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