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Regular Classes

1. Chanting and Meditation Sessions:  

- + Morning Chanting at 7-8 am  and Evening Chanting at 7-8.30 pm. If you would like to attend please let the centre know. 

2. Meditation Session for public at the centre

- Wednesday evening: 7pm – 9 pm.

This is on-going meditation session. This is a good session for beginners as well as regular. It is normally begins with regular chanting for 15 mins, Reflection of practical aspects, guided meditation, and discussions.

For more info or booking:

3. Meditation Practice Support Group on Zoom:

- Wednesday morning at 7.45-8.30 am.

For more info or booking:


4. Children’s Class : Saturday 9am-11am

In between there will be sila program and bakti song on poson. 

24/2 - Seela - Nawam

9/3 - Session 3

23/3- Session 4


Spring Break


27/4 Session 5

11/5 Session 6

25/5 Seela - Wesak

8/6 Session 7

22/6 Bakthi Geeta

For further information please contact or booking:

Special Services 

Monthly Activities :

1. In person at Aberdeen Health Village, Aberdeen.

- Every Last Monday of the month: 12-1pm, 1-2pm.

For more info or booking:

*Watch previous sessions on Youtube: Mindfulness Mondays

2. Distance Learning Mindfulness Meditation, Switzerland Group

- Every third Sunday of the month (in English).

For more info or booking:

*Watch previous sessions on Youtube: Distance Learning Mindfuness Meditation​

3. Buddha Metta Satsang, USA Group. (in Nepali)

- Every last Sunday of the month (in Nepalese)

For more info or booking:

*Watch previous sessions on Youtube: Nepali Satsang

4. Vipassana Group on Line (In Thai)

- Every Tuesday to Friday morning 6-7 am (in Thai)

*Watch previous sessions on Youtube: ฟังธรรม และนำเจริญสติ

Other Services 

Spiritual Counselling : The Centre also provide facilities for counselling both ‘Spiritual counselling from a monk or professional counselling’ (Prior booking only)

8 weeks Mindfulness Meditation courses are also available. For more information please contact :


1. Refrain from harming or killing any beings but practice loving kindness
2. Refrain from taking that is not given but practice generous
3. Refrain from sexual misconducts but development of goodwill
4. Refrain from lying and false speech but speak honestly, kindly
5. Refrain from taking/drinking/consumption of intoxicants and drugs but to develop clear mind and pure heart.

Daily reflection on:
+ H= Helping Hands
+ O= Opening heart
+ P= Peaceful mind
+ E= Enlightening nature

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