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Pattidana Pinkama:

The Remembrance Day

On the second Sunday of January every year the centre organises a special ceremony remembering departed ones and ancestors known as ‘Pattidana Pinkama’ or ‘Dhakkhinanupadana’. It is a ceremony of merit-making and transferring it to departed relatives for their well-being in the new destination. Normally, this practice is observed during October in Asian countries. 

According to Buddhism, on dying a person continues to take rebirths in various existences as long as that person has not attain liberation. Among those rebirths in different realms there are certain realms that they need support from human relatives. Therefore, making-merit and transferring it to departed one is one of the special ceremony that normally performed. Human relatives would make a merit by offering, ethical practice or meditation and transferring them to departed one. On transferring it, departed one also should rejoice in order to receive the transferred merit. It is like pressing desired number to turn the TV channel.

One of the important factors for our success in life is support from family and friends. So, this practice, Pattidana pinkama is the expression of our appreciation and gratitude to our departed relatives, supporters and ancestors who have done so much for us along the way. Therefore, the centre introduced this ceremony 'The Remembrance Day' to show our appreciation and gratitude towards all those family members, friends or husband and wife, who have passed away.

What to do on the day? 

The ceremony is to perform a wholesome activities such as giving dana, intentionally observing sila and practice of some mental cultivation. According to Buddhism these activities are to cultivate merits, which according to traditional practice is to dedicate to the departed loved one for their benefit and happiness in the other side of the world.

Venerable monks will perform short blessing ceremony. So, please provide pictures of departed one or name, if possible with date of birth and death.

“May the protective power of the Triple Gem; the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha, bring you long life, good health, happiness, strength, and wisdom. May all your moral wishes be fulfilled, enjoying harmony and a prosperous life.”

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