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Buddhist Temple Open Day:

The Queen’s Jubilee Celebration & many others on Saturday 4th June, 2022

The Varapunya Buddhist Meditation Centre, Westhill would like to invite you all to join our special open day.


‘All things change, nothing remains the same’ - many of us are learning that the practice of mindfulness meditation helps us understand this and to recognise how this happens, how things come into being, exist and pass away again.  The last two years have been challenging for everyone in different ways and we have all learnt different skills to adapt and adjust to this new environment.


The Varapunya Meditation Centre, independently and in partnership with other local (e.g. NHS Grampian) and international organisations, have been able to offer various online sessions, providing support and guidance in the region, nationally and internationally. Helping those with worry, anxiety & stress to cope and develop a more mindful way of living. The last two years has brought lots of sadness but also, of course,  joy for some and, with all of this, new perspectives on life and nature and now we are all moving into yet another new beginning.


New beginnings are a blessing to all of us and the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee would also be a good beginning. It is a celebration of joy and happiness for many, which is happening around much of the UK. The Centre is itself a part of the community and will recognise this as an open day at the Centre with two different activities.


In the morning, to honour Her Majesty's Jubilee celebration, one boy will be ordained as a temporary Buddhist monk & a 2nd as a temporary novice monk at the Centre. As required by tradition, we will be joined by at least 5 senior Buddhist monks, and other members of the community. For those who are regular visitors, it is an opportunity to support & celebrate this important day in the lives of two young people. For others, it will be an opportunity to learn more about our Centre, its surrounding, Buddhist practices and traditions, including observing how one becomes a monk, the offering of food and our other practices. You are invited to attend the ordination ceremony and share community food.


In the afternoon, also recognising the Jubilee year and in collaboration with Aberdeen Interfaith, the Centre will hold a seminar-style event from 2-4 pm, with speakers from different faiths. You are also invited to join this event, contribute to our discussions and explore the Centre and its activities. Tune in with the centre for detail program nearer the date.


For more information please visit our website:

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