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Notice 2nd a short foundation course will be coming in September 2022. 

Topic: Introduction to Buddhism

How long will it take? 
It is a 6 weeks course; 1 hour each week. 

How much does it cost? 
Your generous donation is expected. 

What will I cover on this course? 
Each week you will learn different aspect of Buddhism covering life of the Buddha and main teaching. It also covers Who are Buddhists? Where Buddhist pray? And what are their main celebration? 


Where will be taught? 
It is in person at Varapunya Centre in Westhill Aberdeen. 


Who will be teaching?
Our residence monk Ajahn Sujan. 

Do I have to be Buddhist for the course? 
It is not necessary to be Buddhist. There will be no religious activities nor any attempt to convert you. It is a course to give you a basic concept of Buddhism. It also will help you to understand its ideas and if you wish to do further studies the course will give you road map. 

If you are interested please do contact us or message for further information.

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